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Dream Library Wall (Finished Pics!)

This is a continuation of a series of posts about our home improvement project. Just click on the “home library” tag to see more. 

We are pretty much done with our library wall. Though there are things we still need to do to fix it (like add our surround-sound speakers), it’s like 99% done and I feel I should probably share.

So here it is….


Here’s the main library (books Walt and I have already read & standalone novels) organized by color! (because #aesthetics)


The big series that we both have read are set higher (a tall person or someone on the ladder can reach them) and are grouped together — so, Harry Potter, Way of Kings, ASOIAF, LOTR. My well-loved Alice series is also grouped lower than the rail, just because it fit there well.

Above the rail are the things we won’t reach for as often: old yearbooks, reference books, my WWII history tomes, Far Side comic books, etc. I also found that the contractor placed the adjustable shelf peg holes to perfectly fit mass-market paperbacks so a lot of the books there are Walt’s Star Wars books, our Redwall series, and more. My Sue Graftons are up there too.


In the little triangle corner are Totoro nesting dolls! I asked on Instagram what we should put there and the suggestions included toys that light up, a fairy village, air plants, figurines, and Russian nesting dolls. I really loved that last idea but didn’t want to use the space for “just” Russian nesting dolls. I saw the Totoro ones in Kinokuniya and fell in love. They’re a perfect fit!


I was given a salt lamp for the holidays last year and placed that on one of the kitty lounge shelves. The cats have unfortunately not loved the shelves and haven’t sit on them without prompting, but that’s okay. This is the shelf for books I’m culling, aka already-read and did not love/do not want to keep. (And my Kindle, for lack of a better spot.) The tiny shelf above is for books I’ve borrowed from people and don’t want to mix into my general library on accident. And the shelf above that is for cookbooks currently.


We have a shelf for graphic novels (and an Austin snowglobe, apparently).


A pic of everything with the organization marked!


My childhood dream has come true 😍


23 thoughts on “Dream Library Wall (Finished Pics!)”

    1. Ahh no it’s a miniature DJ light that will flash colored lights on the ceiling. I put it there for my book club and then didn’t take it back down 😂 I want to put a white plaster bust there of like Jane Austen or something, but also don’t want to spend a lot of money, so it’s currently unoccupied.

      1. It’s also really hard to find one! I might have to settle for something else. Or just fill it up with books as the library grows…

  1. Oh my god, this is such a dream library, wow, it’s absolutely STUNNING. I’m in love haha. YAY for making this dream come true, I’m so happy for you!! :D

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